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SML-LXFT1206USBCTR | Lumex 1206 Blue LED


 data sheet

Part Number SML-LXFT1206USBCTR
Alias Part Number  
Manufacturer Lumex
Availability In Available, please send a RFQ. MOQ is 2000 pcs.

Summary Specification

Size 3.20*1.60*0.75mm
Mounting Type 1206 Package, Flat Solder Terminals, Thin Terminal
Emitting Color Blue (470nm)
Chip Material InGaN
Luminous Intensity 25 mcd
Viewing Angle 140
Lens Type/Color Water Clear
Forward Voltage 3.5 V
Forward Current 20 mA
Maximum Forward Voltage 4.0 V
Maximum Forward Current 30 mA
Min/Max Operating Temperature -30C to +85C
Factory Pack 2K PER REEL

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