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LTST-S310F3WT-2A | Liteon Red/Green/Blue LED


 data sheet

Part Number LTST-S310F3WT-2A
Alias Part Number
Manufacturer Lite-on
Availability In Available, please send a RFQ

Summary Specification

Size 3.2*1.5*1.0mm
Mounting Type SMD LED - Side View Multi Color Chip LED
Emitting Color Red/Green/Blue (622/530/472 nm)
Chip Material AlInGaP/InGaN/InGaN
Luminous Intensity 4.5-18/18-71/4.5-18 mcd
Viewing Angle 130/130/130 deg
Lens Type-Color White Diffused
Forward Voltage
Forward Current 2/2/2 mA
Maximum Forward Voltage 2.3/2.95/2.95 V
Maximum Forward Current 30/20/20 mA
Min-Max Operating Temperature -20C to +80C
Factory Pack 3000 pcs-Reel

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