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MBI1801 MBI1801GSD | Macroblock All-Ways-On High-Power LED Driver



  data sheet

Part Number MBI1801
Ordering Part Number MBI1801GSD
Manufacturer MACROBLOCK
Availability In Available, please send a RFQ

Summary Specification

01 No. of Output Channel 1
02 Max. Sustaining Voltage 17V
03 Constant Output Current Per Channel 1.2A(max.)
04 Output Current Accuracy-between ICs <±6% (max.)
05 Supply Voltage 5V
06 Dimming Method Digital
07 Thermal Protection YES
08 Constant Output Current Invariant to Load Voltage Change YES
09 Adjusted Output Current through an external resistor
10 Schmitt Trigger Input N/A
11 Staggered Delay of Output N/A
12 RoHS Compliant Package TO-265-5
13 Technology All-Ways-On™
14 Applications Light Bar
15 Major Feature Digital Dimming 
Thermal Shutdown