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MBI6661 MBI6661GD MBI6661GSD | Macroblock 60V, Step-Down, 1A LED Driver



  data sheet

Part Number MBI6661
Ordering Part Number MBI6661GD MBI6661GSD
Manufacturer MACROBLOCK
Availability In Available, please send a RFQ

Summary Specification

01 Max. Sustaining Voltage 75V
02 Constant Output Current Per Channel 1A(max.)
03 Topology Buck/Hysetersis PFM
04 Supply Voltage 9~60V
05 Switch ON Resistance(Typ.) 0.35 ohm
06 Power Efficiency 97% efficiency @ input voltage 48V, loading condition 350mA, 12 LEDs in series
07 Settable output current YES
08 Dimming Method Digital
09 External Components Required 5
10 Error Detection YES
11 Thermal Protection YES
12 Full Protection UVLO/Start-Up/OCP/ Thermal/ LED Open-/ LED Short- Circuit
13 Constant Output Current Invariant to Load Voltage Change YES
14 Schmitt Trigger Input N/A
15 Staggered Delay of Output N/A
16 RoHS Compliant Package TO-252, SOP-8
17 Technology Hysteretic PFM
18 Applications Street/Tunnel Lighting
LED Wall Washer/Spot Light
Flat Panel Lighting
19 Success Storyies Center Stadium of World University Games
20 Major Feature Error Detection 
Digital Dimming 
Thermal Shutdown