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MBI6020 MBI6020GFN MBI6020GP | Macroblock PWM-Embedded 3-Channel Constant Current LED Sink Driver for Small RGB Cluster



  data sheet

Part Number MBI6020
Ordering Part Number MBI6020
Manufacturer MACROBLOCK
Availability In Available, please send a RFQ

Summary Specification

01 No. of Output Channel 3
02 Max. Sustaining Voltage 17V
03 Constant Output Current Per Channel 5~50mA
04 Supply Voltage 3~5.5V
05 Thermal Protection YES
06 Constant Output Current Invariant to Load Voltage Change YES
07 Adjusted Output Current through an external resistor
08 Embedded 16-bit PWM Generator "Gray scale clock generated by the embedded oscillator or the external clock PWM counter reset function; S-PWM technology"
09 Two Selectable Gray Scale Modes

16-bit gray scale mode (with optional 8-bit dot correction);
10-bit gray scale mode (with optional 6-bit dot correction)

10 Reliable Data Transmission

Daisy-chain topology;
Two-wire only transmission interface;
Clock reverse;
Built-in buffer for long-distance transmission

11 Flexible Operation Modes

Auto-synchronization mode;
Manual-synchronization mode

12 Schmitt Trigger Input N/A
13 Staggered Delay of Output N/A
14 RoHS Compliant Package SSOP16, QFN16
15 Other Specification Selectable polarity reversion to drive high-power drivers or MOS
16 Technology CLK-Inversion
A-token™ Topology
Two-wire Transmission Interface
17 Applications LED Mesh, LED Strip
18 Major Feature Dot Correction